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Moxie celebrates first 10 years!

In July we are celebrating Moxie CCA’s first 10 years. The time has gone by so quickly…

It has been a lot of work and a lot of fun but it has also been incredibly … Read More

PART FOUR – How to Ensure Your Video Communications Project is a Success


Depending on the size and length of your piece, the first hours or days of post-production are typically spent organizing footage, creating graphics, etc. Before editing begins, be sure you have approved the script, or the … Read More

PART THREE – How to Ensure Your Video Communications Project is a Success


Know, understand and respect the value of pre-production. Without this vital step success cannot be ensured. If completed thoroughly, everything from concept, art direction and scripting to scheduling, crewing and logistics will be nailed down well in … Read More

PART ONE – How to Ensure Your Video Communications Project is a Success

Companies hire agency and production professionals to create, produce and deliver internal and external communications vital to their business. If it is your responsibility to manage such communications what can you do to … Read More

Industry Experience

Although my Tax Return says “Producer,” often when asked what I do for a living I instead say, “Corporate Anthropologist.” And although that sounds made-up, (it is – technically) it is perhaps a more accurate description of what we … Read More

Part 3 – Work that Matters

Recently, Mike Schrader said to me, “One of the best things about what we do is having the opportunity to learn about so many different things – to meet organizations that are doing so much good. We are fortunate to … Read More

Work that Matters

This story is the first of a three part series we will dedicate to inspiring people, the work they do and results that matter.Read More