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April 11, 2013

PART FOUR – How to Ensure Your Video Communications Project is a Success

Production 101 - Post Production and Wrap Up


Depending on the size and length of your piece, the first hours or days of post-production are typically spent organizing footage, creating graphics, etc. Before editing begins, be sure you have approved the script, or the content outline, and provided any notes about selects or takes that you preferred during filming.

Understand that you will likely be presented with a content cut or rough cut in an initial approval stage. It is more efficient to add b-roll, graphics, music and sound effects after content has been approved. But never be hesitant to ask questions about something you expect to see in the final.

Be sure of the final deliverables you will need: What format? What file size, or type? How many DVDs? This is information that you should absolutely know BEFORE the bidding process begins, because every detail, every phase from budget, to schedule, to creative should consider the final deliverable.

To recap:

Understand and share your goals.

Know what you want to spend.

Appreciate and get involved in pre-production.

Provide clear, combined feedback – from a single source.

Pay attention to approvals.

Participate and provide feedback during the shoot – at the appropriate time.

Understand what you are reviewing in the final stages.

Never be hesitant to ask questions at any stage of production.

Perhaps most important: One size does not fit all. In this four part series, we focused on the video project process, but there might be other ways to tell your story. Be open to them. At Moxie, our goal is to make YOU the hero. It’s not about us, so we won’t try to talk you into a certain type of product or approach because it’s what “we do.”

Instead, we start with your goal, create solutions within your budget, and make it happen. The team and the tools come together as a result of your specific communication needs. We welcome your participation in the process and look forward to finding appropriate solutions that make you a hero – every time.