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July 9, 2013

Moxie celebrates first 10 years!

In July we are celebrating Moxie CCA’s first 10 years. The time has gone by so quickly…

Moxie CCA's headquarters in the Geneva Lodge in Littleton, COIt has been a lot of work and a lot of fun but it has also been incredibly rewarding. For myself, I can say that my role at Moxie has been the one professional achievement that I am most proud of in my entire career. No question. I owe a great debt of thanks to everyone who has worked at Moxie and made us the great team that we are today. We have worked with incredibly talented people and helped many amazing organizations to get their messages delivered in creative and compelling ways. I want to thank everyone we’ve worked with for the opportunity and for the trust.

We thought it might be fun to share some of the many memories from our first 10 years in this crazy business. I hope you enjoy them.

Mike Schrader

Mike’s Top 10 Moxie Memories

  • 2003 – Realizing I had worked 80+ hours from my home office in my first week getting Moxie up and running. Many of those hours in my PJs.
  • In 2004, discovering our amazing offices in historic, downtown Littleton after a long week of searching. The restored craftsman farmhouse was the last place I looked on the last day of looking. It was like coming home…
  • Compliments from Champ Bailey… While shooting with Denver Bronco Champ Bailey for a Comcast commercial, I had to walk from behind the camera to where Champ was standing. I took two feeble steps and my feet became tangled in a cable. I tripped and was going down but I saved it at the last minute. Champ laughed and told me I had good feet! I tell this story to anyone who will listen.
  • Learning about the game of “Corn hole” with Kimman Harmon and Scott Jones while on Location in Ohio.
  • Working with Meredith Vieira (The Today! Show) on location for the National MS Society.
  • Working with Deborah Norville on a live studio shoot in New York for Avon. We designed and built a 60 foot set and then assembled it on a sound stage in New York. Five cameras and a jib. Great day.
  • Shooting in New York. We were shooting beneath the arch in Washington Square for the National MS Society. All of my attention was focused on the arch and the person we were taping at the time. After a while I noticed a person standing patiently beside me waiting for me to finish. He had a clipboard and he had that feel of a “person in the business”. “Can I help you?” I asked. He said “we were just hoping you could finish up soon we can get started”. Then, he pointed behind me. I turned around to see an entire feature film crew of 50+ people complete with a camera on a dolly. They were all looking at us –because they had a permit to shoot right where we were taping. We quickly picked up our toys and moved out of their way. They were filming “August Rush” starring Robin Williams.
  • Trying (and failing) to have a Skype conversation (via Dial up connection) with Susan Canetto in Littleton while I was on vacation overseas. 10 minutes to say 10 words. Two tin cans and a long string would have been better.
  • 2010 Winning “Best Strategy” from the Colorado BMA for the Janus program: “Keeping Volatility in Perspective”
  • 2013 Winning our first National BMA Award of Excellence for the T-Mobile Program: “The Voice of the Customer”


Susan’s Top 3

  • Having our Monday morning meetings at Sister’s Coffee House in downtown Littleton.
  • The excitement we all felt when our Moxie Media Group brochure was named Best in Show at the 2005 IABC Gold Quill Awards.
  • Being in NYC for the Avon studio shoot and running to B&H to buy tapestock. B&H is the quintessential New York experience.

Kevin’s Top 3

  • Appreciating that after 2 other Producers were unavailable I was going to go to the Grand Cayman islands. Rich Golish and I were there for 4 days staying at the Ritz Carlton hotel, and the people we were interviewing were only available for about 1 hour a day – the rest was free time.
  • Moving into the new Moxie Media Group location and working on the Tape Library with Susan Canetto and Billi Henderson, not realizing that 10 years later Billi and I would be married.
  • Doing a character animation for a client that we had never met in person, only to find out later our character looks exactly like the client.

Kerry’s Top 3

  • Being invited to the New MOXIE Office Space party by Susan – not knowing a year later it would be my home too!
  • Mucking up the Mexican border entry by refusing to take our “wrong turn” all the way into Matamoros with camera equipment and no passports, instead putting it in reverse through the less than supportive traffic line behind us.
  • Plotting the most efficient route of food tastings at the MOD Signature Chef event with Lisa. Susan could not keep up.

Dave’s Top 3

  • Doing the 48 hour film festival at the Moxie offices with Kerry, Mike and Mike’s daughter Michelle.  I remember helping to write, edit, and score the film.
  • Going to the UTI Boston location for the commercial shoot for their national campaign.  I had just gotten my Canon 7D and wanted to test out the camera.  While I wasn’t ingesting RED footage, I shot a ton of footage, I brought back and edited into a “behind the scenes” video.  Mike entered it for a Telly award, and it won.
  • Going out on a Moxie day to play golf in Evergreen.  At the end of the day, the course was over run with elk, and we all just continued to play through it.

Todd’s Top 3

  • “Hey asshole…”  – Being involved in the 48 Hour Film Fest last summer (2012). It was cool to see so many people put so much effort into a non-paying job, just for their passion for the industry.
  • Watching Susan squirm to my right, and Mike laugh out loud to my left, while watching the preview for “Evil Dead” in the theater before seeing “The Call.”
  • Getting praise from the folks at Carrington for nailing their branding in the comps for the high school presentation, and Mike, Susan and I being able to breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Lisa’s Top 3

  • All the times I’ve appreciated being able to bring my dogs to the office.
  • The fun Moxie holiday poker tournaments.
  • Being introduced to Tubing at Copper Mountain during a Moxie fun day and no one got hurt.

And our hands down collective favorite scripted line of the decade:

“He’s a pro. He’ll be fine.” – Comcast Champ Bailey TV spots