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April 8, 2013

PART ONE – How to Ensure Your Video Communications Project is a Success

Production 101 - One Size Does NOT Fit All

Companies hire agency and production professionals to create, produce and deliver internal and external communications vital to their business. If it is your responsibility to manage such communications what can you do to ensure that your project has the best chance for success?

Let’s be honest, by the time you are ready to hire your team, you have probably already decided what kind of communication you want to use: print, video, digital… But at Moxie, we believe communications is never one size fits all. Our goal is to make YOU the hero. It’s not about us, so we won’t try to talk you into a certain type of product or approach because it’s what “we do.”

We believe the most vital and first step is defining the ultimate goal of your communication – what kind of results you hope to achieve. From here the best approach will be determined. Is this a communication that is best served by a print campaign, a radio spot, a long or short form video? What is the best way to tell this story? In many cases a campaign may require the combined use of varied media – print, web, video, etc.

In this Blog series, we will lay out the process of a successful video communications process – step by step. We have chosen video because although many of our clients tell us this kind of project is the most fun they have on the job, it also seems that a video project can seem intimidating if the process is unfamiliar.

This series has been broken into four parts. In PART TWO we will discuss how to put the right team together.