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April 10, 2013

PART THREE – How to Ensure Your Video Communications Project is a Success

Production 101 - Pre-Pro and Production


Know, understand and respect the value of pre-production. Without this vital step success cannot be ensured. If completed thoroughly, everything from concept, art direction and scripting to scheduling, crewing and logistics will be nailed down well in advance.

Pay attention to approvals. When asked for feedback, take responsibility for efficiency and clarity. Take a poll of all internal decision makers on your end, compile everything you need to convey in a single document and provide clear detailed notes. Conflicting feedback can create confusion and mistakes not to mention inefficiency and in some cases, added cost.

Also, know what exactly you are approving. Once a concept is approved, the rest of the project is born out of this concept. Once a script is approved, everything from scheduling to talent to props, etc. is determined and built. If you wait to share script changes until the day of filming, there could be delays, surprises or challenges that could have been avoided with attention during the pre-production phase.


If possible, you should join the production crew during filming. Make sure you pay attention to how the shot looks. You have valuable expertise to contribute regarding branding and priority of content. During filming, you should be taking notes. If the project is scripted, take notes on the script itself: what takes you liked best, or if there is a reason not to use one of them. If the project is interview based, do the same with a list of “must have” content you need to accomplish your communication goals.

Don’t hold back opinions, concerns or suggestions for later – this is the time to speak up. However, make sure you have discussed this process with your production team prior to the start of filming because you should never interrupt when the camera is rolling, and talent should only take direction from one person, or it can get confusing. At Moxie, we make sure we check in with our clients before moving on to another shot to be sure we have covered everything to their liking. Usually this is accomplished through quiet conversation, not in front of the entire cast and crew.

PART FOUR of this series will wrap up post-production and delivery, along with a recap of our step-by-step tips.