Every so often, organizations of different kinds come to us with a request to donate our production services for their cause.  We always give what we can but we aren’t always afforded the chance to do something for our community like we were when the Children’s Museum of Denver approached us several months back.  In an effort to boost membership and visitors to the museum, located in Downtown Denver just south of the Denver Aquarium, they asked us to help produce a tour video and entertaining PSAs to be aired on network TV in the Denver market.

With fond memories of the museum, from taking our own children to visiting it ourselves when we were kids, our team at Moxie CCA was immediately compelled to help.

Our creativity was sparked with the idea to show the museum from a kid’s point of view.  To do that, we outfitted four children with Go Pro cameras and gave them the freedom to run around the museum at their own pace while visiting each station – like the mini-grocery store or the bubble factory.

They explored all the fun that can be had at the Children’s Museum and we captured it on tape to create the tour video and PSAs that hopefully drive excitement for Colorado families to visit the museum often.

Please enjoy the PSA and two-minute tour video below and let us know your thoughts by sending us a note on Twitter @MoxieCCA