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Moxie Creative Communications Agency Wins AMA Award

We are excited to announce that we have won a Bronze Peak award from the Colorado Chapter of the American Marketing Association for outstanding production of a 60-second television commercial. The Peak Awards, which recognizes the very best marketing campaigns … Read More

Welcome to the new Moxie Creative Communications Agency!

As you may have noticed from the changes on our website, Moxie is carving out a new niche in the corporate communications world. We have repositioned ourselves as a creative communications agency or, as we like to call it, a … Read More

Getting the Most From Your Media Production Dollar

Most companies today use some version of the “Request for Proposal or “RFP” when requesting bids for media production from a creative agency or production company. These forms typically provide a scope of work that is anticipated for the project.  … Read More

Web Video Quid Pro Quo

Are you thinking about adding video to your website?  That’s a smart move. But before you take the plunge, take a few minutes to think about what type of video you’ll be posting and what it can do for your … Read More


Welcome to the Moxie Media Blog.  In this column we’ll be exploring ways for you to:

  • Maximize your investment in Media assets (Video, Flash, Print, Web)
  • Meet and exceed your communications goals
  • Create innovative, wildly effective communications assets
  • Leverage … Read More