As you may have noticed from the changes on our website, Moxie is carving out a new niche in the corporate communications world. We have repositioned ourselves as a creative communications agency or, as we like to call it, a “pure” communications agency. And with that, we have changed our name from Moxie Media Group to Moxie Creative Communications Agency (Moxie CCA), a name that reflects the business focus for the agency moving forward.

So what is a creative communications agency?

A creative communications agency represents a different kind of agency in the corporate communications world. We aren’t an advertising firm or a marketing firm. We are purely here to help organizations communicate to their various audiences. We are a collaborative partner to in-house communications and marketing departments. Whether the need is a national commercial campaign, training a workforce, communicating with stakeholders, empowering a sales force with dynamic sales tools, or motivating employees with inspirational messages, Moxie CCA fulfills a growing need for businesses to engage a pure communications partner that can take advantage of these opportunities from concept to design, production and delivery. And we do it with the keen understanding of how all content, whether produced as video, interactive or web communications, is integrated and delivered across multiple media platforms for maximum impact.

How are we different than a traditional advertising, marketing or a PR firm?

Typically traditional ad agencies or marketing firms are engaged primarily for their branding and marketing expertise, where their services are geared towards helping clients sell products and services to a very specific target demographic. While sometimes our work is directed at these objectives, we have found that our clients’ needs are increasingly centered on a need to communicate one or more messages to multiple target audiences across various communications channels. In these cases, we aren’t only selling their products or services but are, rather, helping them figure out the best way to communicate to their constituents and building and executing their campaigns accordingly.

How will this transformation change what Moxie CCA has to offer?

We are excited about the prospects ahead and are looking forward helping our clients maximize their communications opportunities. From a services standpoint, we have always been able to manage an entire creative communications campaign under one roof, from working with clients to set the strategy, all the way through design, production and delivery of the campaign. Through our new business focus, we are leveraging the proficiency of our staff to effectively capture words and pictures in ways that inspire, amaze and motivate audiences, regardless of whether it is produced as HD video, for the web, or in an interactive format. And we do it using the latest technologies and global media platforms. By producing the entire communications campaign from strategy through delivery, our goal is to provide our clients with better, more efficient service that streamlines the production process and achieves results.

We invite you to browse our new website, which can now be found at, and contact us to discuss your next communications campaign.