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March 15, 2016

Are You Ready to Start a New Communications Campaign?

Moxie Creative Communications Agency Experience

If so, there are three types of experience you want to consider:

  • The experience level of the production team you choose
  • The experience you will have as a client working with your selected team
  • And, the experience your audience has when they see the campaign
At Moxie, we believe all three are vitally important and directly relevant to the successful outcome of your project.

Experienced Production Team

Let’s start with the experience level of the production team you choose. Today, it seems everybody’s nephew has iMovie and a Go Pro. But an experienced team brings a solid understanding of what works and what doesn’t; a plan “B” (and sometimes “C”) in case plan “A” hits a wrinkle; and the confidence that only comes from years on the job. Experience also means embracing new ideas and methods, yet being grounded with past knowledge.


Experienced Client


The experience YOU have as a client in working with your production team is also a significant consideration. You should be able to be as involved as you wish in the process. Your opinions matter – you are the client after all! But the same is true if you want to hand off a project and have someone make you look like the hero you are. It’s about a level of comfort permeating both the working relationship and quality of execution. You must be able to trust your team to advise you properly and hit (or surpass) your goals. But it really doesn’t hurt to have fun too!


On Target Audience Experience


Ultimately, the audience experience is what really counts. Nothing is as important as reaching the target audience and achieving your communications goals. Do you want them to laugh, to cry? To learn new skills? To buy a product or recognize your brand in a crowded environment? The best way to hit the mark with your audience is to work with an experienced team, one that knows how to properly sight the target and combine all of the ingredients necessary to hit it.


At the end of the day, a successful communications campaign will be the result of all three experiences coming together. Each builds on and reinforces the other. A great communications campaign is never an accident.

It’s all about experience.