Last week, we completed filming a promotional video for Texas Instruments’ featuring the DLP® Pico™ Projector. It’s an amazing piece of technology! The tiny projector, embedded in a phone, can display photos, media, and documents directly onto any surface. Many pico units can even play a full-length movie without needing a power source (although you might want to find something to prop it on!). Phones with this technology are currently only available in Asia, but Texas Instruments hopes phones equipped with their chip hit the U.S. market soon!

The video was themed “A Day in the Life,” and featured a young woman making various uses of the projector throughout the day: playing video games, providing directions, sharing photos with friends and more. Each scene was intended to highlight a different application of the projector/device.

Moxie CCA developed the usage scenarios in collaboration with the marketing department at Texas Instruments. Moxie CCA then went into pre-production including scripting, boarding, casting, and scouting. Finally we filmed two days on location with our outstanding Denver based crew. We are thrilled with the footage and will deliver the final product, including original graphics, by the end of the month.