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June 11, 2014

Help Potential Customers Choose You Instead of the Competition

Today, everyone has a take, an opinion, a story. And they’re not at all shy about sharing it online with anyone and everyone, whether good or bad.

What do online reviews say about your business?

They are definitely saying something. And it’s your job as a business owner, marketing professional or social media expert to make sure they’re saying good things about your organization. Think about it. When you shop do you seek out reviews of the product or service you are considering? If you are like most people the answer is a very definite yes.

Consider these facts:

“Consumer reviews are 12 times more trusted by other users than product information or descriptions provided by the business itself.” (eMarketer)

68% of consumers report using YouTube to browse and research retail companies. (Google’s “Zero Moment of Truth”, 2013)

“79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.” (Bright Local’s 2013 Local Consumer Review Survey)

Today, we aren’t looking for professional reviewers or TV personalities to guide our buying decisions. We’re seeking peer confirmation that the product or service we are about to buy is a smart decision. Restaurants, movies, home repair, automotive service, professional services, doctors, lawyers, electronics, a new car, accountants… we scour the web looking for positive or negative reviews that can confirm or change our buying decision. Reviews from regular people – just like us.

If you are a professional, or, a product or service provider what can you do to help potential customers choose you instead of the competition?

You can seek out testimonials from your clients and place them front and center on your website.

Written testimonials are good.
Video testimonials are even better.